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Notes of Operating System [CT 656]

System Administration

Administration Tasks

System Administration

- System administration is the person responsible for setting up and maintaining the system.
they ensure performance, resources and security of the system meet the needs of the users, without exceeding the budget.

Roles of system administrator

1. Analyze system logs and identify potential issues
2. Introduce and integrate new technology into existing system
3. Perform routine audit of system.
4. Apply OS updates and patches.
5. Install and configure new hardware and software
6. Managing user accounts (create, update and remove)
7. Ensuring performance of the system
8. Managing file system
9. Create backup and recover policy
10. Setup and implement security policy
11. Troubleshoot the problems arised in the system

Start and Shutdown Procedures

- Serve system initialization
- Clint system initialization
- Thread system initialization
- Master thread performs
- Master thread termination
- Thread system termination / shutdown
- Client system shut / down
- End server system

AWK Tool and Shell Scripts

AWK tools

- AWK tools are the powerful tools used for processing and analyzing the test files.
- The basic syntax of AWK command is:
awk ‘pattern {action}’ input-file> output – file

- Eg:
Awk ‘{print $5}’ table1.txt> out.txt
It takes the element of 5th column of each line and writes it as a line in out.txt

Shell Script

- Shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shall.
- It performs file manipulation, program execution and text printing.
- Wrapper is the script that set up environment, run program and perform necessary operations
- It provides convenient variation of a system command to be applied automatically.
- It allows several jobs or commands to be executed automatically without having to wait for a user to trigger each stage of the sequence.
- Shell scripts are set up and executed by the as itself.



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