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Routine: BE IV/II & BAR V/II - 2076 Magh
Result: BCE I/II exam held on 2076 Bhadra
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Notes of Engineering Professional Practice [CE 752]

Case Studies based on Engineering Practices


Example Case Studies

Example 1:

A factory was using a chemical in making a product. The storage tank of the chemical waste, which was hazardous to health and environment, had a leakage. During inspection Er. A came to know leakage that had already taken place that might cause adverse impact on health and hygiene of the surrounding. You informed your boss about the event. Hints you that you may have to be out of the job if the case would go into the hands of social reformers. If you were Er, what you would do? Discuss.


- Storage tank has leakage.
- Leakage cause adverse impact on health of people and environment


Immediate Action
- Inform to boss about the event

Alternative and Consequences
- Inform to public (May cause loss in job)
- Make it confidential (Public harm)

- The situation gives rise to moral dilemma.
- As per the ethical decision making, the priority should be:
a) Society
b) Profession
c) Organization
d) Individual
- On making the event confidential, it would results harm to the society, their health and the environment. And it is unethical as per the professional code of conduct and code of ethics.
- On providing information to social reformers, it would harm the prestige of the organization to whom I am working for and also I would lose job and cause individual damage.
- Based on these ground, I would take the following initiatives:
1. Firstly, I would negotiate with the boss of organization so as to provide compensation to those who are harmed by the event and also immediate solution for the event so as to prevent further harm. This decision would be beneficial in terms of all society, profession, organization as well as individual.
2. If the boss neglects to negotiate, I would look forward to social informers so as to provide my service for social benefits. This would be beneficial for society and in accordance to professional code of conduct, but may be harmful for organization and individual.


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