Survey Camp

Practical: 10 days

Course Objective:
The survey camp is scheduled after the completion of second year second part theory exam. It has following objective for 10 days incentive field work: 
(a) To provide the students real field based exposure to learn and apply different surveying methods in:
(i)        Mapping detailed land features
(ii)       Mapping and describing topographical variations
(iii)      Planning irrigation, drainage, land farming, soil conservation and watershed management works
(b)   To accomplish a project based surveying task focusing on:
(i)        Detailed survey of irrigation command area
(ii)       Detailed survey of main canal alignment and headwork
(iii)      L–section and cross section of Rural Roads
(iv)      Soil conservation and farm levelling works e.g.-gully control, stream bank control, terracing, bunding, check dams.

Students in each camp group should not be more than 4 (four). For conducting camp as far as possible modern surveying equipments such as Total Station, EDM, Digital level etc are to be used.

Implementation of the Survey Camp:
Field work will be conducted in between second and third year; and its evaluation will be submitted on third year part A based on third year part A based on field/project work produced by the students & viva-voce conducted at the end of the field work.
Survey Camp shall be implemented jointly by Department of Civil and Agricultural Engineering. The camp site should be objective oriented so that students could gain ample opportunity to learn, consolidate and update their practical and theoretical knowledge in Agricultural Engineering field.

Evaluation scheme:
50 marks–Internal Assignment (field work and viva-voce) and 50 marks from field report and viva-voce.

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