Survey Camp
Practical : 10 days (10*13hrs) Field Works

The main objectives of the survey camp, which is to be scheduled during third year first part, are as under:

  1. To give the students an ample opportunity to consolidate and update their practical and theoretical knowledge in Engineering Surveying, in the actual field conditions and with practical problems.
  2. To provide the students real field based exposure to learn and apply different surveying methods, modern surveying instruments, computational practices and ways of presentation of their final reports.  So, following field works are recommended:
  1. Horizontal Control Practices for Large Area Major Traverse : For this purpose at least 1.5 km periphery area (not less than 15-17 stations) shall be enclosed by forming the closed traverse and coordinates of those traverse points shall be controlled with reference to national grid system. X and Y coordinates shall be controlled by Total Station and Z coordinates must be controlled by Auto Level.
    Time Allocated: 2 Days (Including reconnaissance, stations selection and pegging of major traverse, minor traverse, major traverse angles, distances measurement etc)

  2. Horizontal and vertical control for forming minor traverse inside the major traverse : For this purpose detailed topographic survey shall be conducted within the perimeter of the semi built up area around 4.0 to 6.0 hectares of land (about 5-7 control points). Coordinates (XYZ) of these traverses including details shall be controlled by using Total Station and Auto level. Link traverse exercise must be compulsory.
    Time Allocated: 5 Days
    • 1 Day  for fly leveling and RL transfer
    • 2.5 Days  for detailing in minor traverse
    • 1.5 Days  for computation and plotting of traverse

    Vertical control for control points shall be done by fly leveling and detailing shall be done by using Total Station and Theodolite. Data saving in data logger (Electronics field book) and manual booking both should be practices in detailing.

  3. Bridge Site Survey : Detailed topographic survey of suitable bridge site area (200m *120m) shall be conducted by which Topographic map, L- section, X section etc shall be prepared at standard scale.
    Time Allocated: 1.5 Days
    Detailing shall be done by using total station. Vertical control for control points shall be done by auto level.
  4. Road Alignment Survey: At least 600m road alignment survey Shall be done from where plan, L section, X section etc shall be drawn at standard scale including selection of grades and formation levels etc.
    Time Allocated: 1.5 Days

As far as possible, number of students for each group should not be more than 5 (five). For conducting camp as far as possible modern surveying equipments such as Total Station, EDM, Auto level etc are to be used.

Evaluation Criteria:

For Internal 50 Marks:
Regular evaluation throughout the 10 days as well as viva for computation and plotting of major traverse, minor traverse, viva for road and bridge site survey and traverse orientation check  should be taken.

For Final 50 Marks:
Standard Reports shall be prepared groupwise. During compilation of the report, data shall be submitted contentwise and all the reference sketches and standard drawings shall be compiled in A3 size and all the original data and drawings shall be presented during final viva.

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