Project (Part B)

Course Objective:
To complete an electrical engineering project Planned in Project – I under the supervision of an instructor. During the project students have to come up with final output.

Tasks: In the development of the project each group of students will be expected to:

  1. This will be the continuation of project-I, start with fulfillment comment(s) in project-I
  2. Initiate and maintain contact through regular progress meetings with the immediate faculty supervisor
  3. prepare periodic progress reports for the project supervisor
  4. carry out such laboratory or field tests as are appropriate for the project, It is important to that industry be involved in this area as much as possible to enhance contacts and provide a mechanism for interaction between university and industry, and to encourage direct relevance of the projects to real world situations
  5. prepare a formal written report in good engineering style at the conclusion of the project
  6. present an oral report to faculty and peers on the results of the project exercise


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