Project (Part A)

Course Objective:
To plan a electrical engineering project under the supervision of an instructor. During the project students have to design functional project.

Tasks: In the development of the project each group of students will be expected to:

  1. Students will form a small group (maximum of four  students per group) projects
  2. Project concept development (field selection, hardware/software, scope etc.) , attention will be paid to the suitability of the project topics for the technical level of the students and the practical applicability of the subject topics to the local situation. Wherever possible, projects will include aspect of computer applications in electrical engineering will be encouraged.
  3. Perform literature review and prepare a specific written project proposal including a clear statement of objective and purpose of the project along with preliminary methodology, expected outcome,  time plan and resources estimate.
  4. Initiate and maintain contact through regular progress meetings with the initiator of the project or the immediate faculty supervisor
  5. At the end of this semester students will come up with a report with a complete literature review and final methodology to be adopted with sample analysis.
  6. End semester defense

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