Minor Project

Course Objectives:
To carry out a small scale project to develop hands-on experience of working in a project. During the course, the student will also develop knowledge of application development platforms and tools (Java /C# dotnet / Visual C++/PHP or any platform of current trend). The students will learn working as a team and basic collaboration and project management skills. The student will also learn about formulating project documentations.

  1. Project ideas and proposal guidance (4 hours)
  1. Application development  (10 hours)
    1. Visual programming (object oriented)
      1. Language basics
      2. Frameworks and APIs
    2. Programming basics and design patterns
  1. Project management, team work and collaboration (8 hours)
    1. Project management techniques
    2. Collaborative development environment
  1. Project guidance (5 hours)
  1. Project work (30 hours)
  1. Project documentation guidance (3 hours)

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