Group Work Presentation I

Practical: 1

Group work and presentation is done each week. Students are divided into different groups and each group is given various topics related to the subject and given sufficient time to prepare. The students are made to make presentation in front of experienced lecturers. The main objective is to enhance the student’s interpersonal relationship along with personality and presentation skills.
During this semester students work will be focused more on industrial sector, development trend, issues and policies of the sector.

  1. Introduction to the subject, presentation skills and preparation of plan (1 hour)
  2. Group division and selection of topics for group work (1 hour)
  3. Developing methodology and preparation of contents (1 hour)
  4. Field visits and report preparation (8 hours)
  5. Presentation (4 hours)

Evaluation Scheme:
Each group has to prepare a report and submit two copies to the department before the presentation. The evaluation scheme for the subject will be  indicated as below:


Mark Distribution*

Students effort to collect information




Presentation skills




*Note: There may be minor deviation in mark distribution.

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