ME 78505

Course Objectives:

  • To give basic concept of planning and preparation MHP. To give knowledge for the installation of the plant, planning and preparation for installation and construction.
  • To give concepts for commissioning and testing of MHP. To give ideas about maintenance, repair and preparation of bill of quantities. It also includes future prospect of MHP project in Nepal and a literature study of a potential MHP projects.

Course Outlines:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    (5 hours)
    1. Initial enquiry
    2. Licensing and agreements
    3. Terms and specification for specification, orders and contracts
    4. Limits and responsibility
    5. Tendering document
  2. Construction of the Civil Structures
    (10 hours)
    1. Site inspection and Preparation
    2. The Construction Sequence
    3. Machine Foundation, Powerhouse, and Tailrace
      1. Construction of the Machine foundation
      2. Preparation of Concrete
      3. Construction of the Powerhouse
    4. Civil Works lor the Penstock
      1. Penstock Pipe installation
      2. Cement Masonry Work
      3. Anchor Blocks
    5. Construction of the Forebay
    6. The Headrace Canal
      1. Setting out the Canal
      2. Preparation of the Bench
      3. Fixing the Excavation Lines
      4. Excavation of the Canal
      5. Construction of the Canal Lining
    7. The Construction of the Settling Basins and Spillways
    8. Intake Structures
    9. Retaining Structures and Stabilization
  3. Installing the Electro-Mechanical Equipment
    (10 hours)
    1. Machine Foundations
    2. Machinery Installation
    3. Alignment
      1. Direct Drive
      2. Belt Drives
    4. Installation procedure for penstock
      1. Joining and adjusting steel penstocks
      2. Joining HDPE penstocks
      3. Laying buried penstock
      4. Fixing penstock with support piers and anchor blocks
      5. Installing expansion joints
      6. Positioning pipe in expansion joint
      7. Installing the packing
    5. Controls and instrumentation
  4. Installation of Transmission Lines
    (4 hours)
    1. Steps before installing Transmission Lines
    2. Installation Procedure
    3. Installation of distribution and service lines
    4. Earthing
      1. Earthing electrodes
      2. Pipe electrodes
      3. Plate electrodes
    5. Lightning arresters
      1. Installation Procedure of Lightning arresters
  5. Commissioning and Testing
    (7 hours)
    1. Commissioning Procedure
    2.  Cleaning of penstock.
    3. Checks before starting
      1. Intake
      2. Canal
      3. Desalting basin
      4. Gates and stoppages
      5. Penstock supports and anchor blocks
      6. Penstock
      7. Turbine
      8. Power transmission
      9. Alternators
      10. Control panels
      11. Transmission and distribution
    4. Commissioning and performance tests
      1. Operation sequence
      2. Starting
      3. Stopping
    5. Rectifying faults
      1. Fault diagnosis
      2. Serious problems
      3. Ordinary problems
    6. Endurance test
    7. Training Managers and operator
    8. Handing over the Plant
      1. Completion Certificate
      2. Guarantees
  6. Maintenance and Repair
    (7 hours)
    1. Civil Works
    2. The Penstock and Allied Structures
    3. Electro-mechanical equipment
    4. Transmission lines
    5. Maintenance check list and schedule
    6. Spear parts
    7. List of tools
  7. Preparation of bill of quantities
    (2 hours)
    1. Civil part (Intake structure to tail race canal)
    2. Mechanical part (Penstock pipe to armoured cable of first pole)
    3. Electrical part (Electrical transmission and distribution first to last pole)
    4. Other parts
    5. Summary of cost A, B, C and D

Practical / Project Works:

Practical means project work and report have to be submitted at the end of the course. The report should be around 20-30 pages plus appendix.

  1. Case study of MHP plant under contraction
  2. Preparation of bill of quantities


  1. Adam Harvey, “Micro Hydro design Manual”, Intermediate Technology Publication.
  2. Win Hulsher and Peter Frankel, “The Power Guide, Intermediate Technology Publication.
  3. “Manuals on MHP for Installation and Commissioning, Maintenance and Repair, Operation and Management”, ICIMOD.
  4. Dr. Rajendra Shrestha, “Basics of micro hydropower (AE 123)”, Course Manual for Department of Alternative Energy Tumba College of Technology Rwanda, 2009
  5. Dr. Rajendra Shrestha, “Reference Book on Beginner’s Micro Hydropower Plant”, Graphic International Nepal.

Evaluation Scheme:

The questions will cover all the chapters in the syllabus. The evaluation scheme will be as indicated in the table below:

Unit Chapter Topics Marks*
1 1 & 4 all 16
2 2 all 16
3 3 all 16
4 5 all 16
5 6 & 7 all 16
Total 80

*There could be minor deviation in mark distribution.

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