Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Course Objective:
To understand the fundamental concept of Computer-Aided Design/Drafting. To enable to prepare Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional architectural drawing and modeling them through Computer-Aided Design/Drafting.

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to CADD[2 hours]
    Overview, Required equipments, Optional equipments, The AutoCAD drawing, Creating the drawing points and coordinate system, WCS, UCS, Coordinate System Icon, drawing units and scaling, drawing limits and setups.

  2. Utility Commands and Services[2 hours]
    Help, Qsave, Save as, Save, Savetime, Status, Menus

  3. Entity Draw Commands and Drawing Aids[4 hours]
    1. Drawing simple and Continuous lines Line, Polylines, Rectangle, Polygons, construction Lines, Rays
    2. Curves and point Object  Circles, Arcs, Ellipse and elliptical arcs, Donuts, Points
    3. Drawing Aids Isometric, Snap, Grid, Ortho, Object Snap, Polar Tracking, Object Snap Tracking, Dynamic Input, Isoplane, UCS
    4. Function Keys

  4. Edit and Inquiry Commands[4 hours]
    1. Coping and Moving Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Stretch, Array
    2. Changes, Cuts and Constructions Chprop, Break, Trim, Extend, Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Lengthen, Stretch, Scale, Lengthen
    3. Polylines editing Pedit, Explode
    4. Undoing Redo, Undo, Oops
    5. Inquiry commands List, Dblist, ID, Dist, Area

  5. Working with Text[2 hours]
    Creating simple Text, Setting Text Properties, Creating Multiline Texts, Editing Texts, Special Text Properties-MIRRTEXT, QTEXT, DTEXT.

  6. Display Controls[2 hours]
    Zoom, Pan, Managing multiple viewports, Redraw, Regen, Regenall

  7. Entity Properties[4 hours]
    Layers, Colors, Linetype, Lineweight, Ltscale

  8. Blocks, Attributes and External References[4 hours]
    Creating and inserting a Block
    Block and Xref editing

  9. Dimensioning and Hatching[8 hours]
    1. Associative dimensioning Dimension types and their components, Setting up dimension style
    2. Hatching and pattern filling Hatch patterns, Defining the Boundary, Hatching style, Hatch pattern alignment

  10.  Working in Model space and Paper Space[4 hours]

  11. Plotting / Printing[4 hours]
    Changing Pen and Linetype parameters, Changing basic plot specifications, Saving Plot specifications, Readying the plotter, Efficient Printer Plotting

  12. Types of 3D Models and Three-Dimensional Coordinate system[4 hours]
    1. Three-Dimensional models Wireframe Model, Surface Model, and Solid Model
    2. Using Right Hand Rule
    3. Three-Dimensional Coordinate System Rectangular, Cylindrical, Spherical
    4. Working with Users Coordinate systems
    5. Working with Viewports

  13. Three-dimensional Solids[4 hours]
    1. Three-Dimensional Solid Modeling  Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, wedge
    2.  Creating Derived Three-Dimensional solids Creating Extruded Solids, Creating revolved solids
    3. Boolean operations in solidsCreating a composite solid-Union, Subtract, Intersect

  14. Editing and modifying Three-dimensional Solids[4 hours]
    1. Editing Three-Dimensional Solids Rotate3d, Mirror3d, 3darray, Align
    2.  Advanced Modifying Tools in Solids Fillet, Chamfer, Slice, Section

  15. Three-dimensional Surfaces[4 hours]
    1. Three-Dimensional Surface Modeling 3dface, pface
    2. Creating derived Three-Dimensional surfacesRuled surface, tabulated surface, 3d polygon mesh, revolved surface
    3. Drawing Three-Dimensional surface primitives -Creating redefined 3D surface meshes

  16. Working with advanced Three-Dimensional Viewing[4 hours]
  17. 3D Orbit, Using projection option in 3D orbit, Shading in 3d orbit, Adding visual aids in 3D orbit, Resetting and presetting in 3D orbit, Using Dynamic viewing
  1. George Omura, AutoCAD 2000,BPB Publications B-14, Counnaught palace, New Delhi-11001
  2. Sham Tickoo, AutoCAD 2005 for Engineers & Designers, Dreamtech Press.
  3. Software manuals are to be announced depending on Instructors.
Evaluation Scheme for each stage:



Marks Distribution*

Two-dimensional drawing



Three dimensional drawing anrendering



Plotting / printing



*Note: There may be minor deviation in marks distribution.

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