Building Services II

Course Objective:
On completion of this course the students will be able to: understand the basic concept of electrical system and design the illumination, power circuits, safety and protection as per standard requirement.

  1. Basic Concept of Electric System and Its Terminology[8 hours]
    1. Concept of Electric Current and Voltage
    2. Electric Circuits Resistance
    3. Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Law
    4. Open and Short Circuits
    5. Single and Three Phase a.c. Circuits
    6. Electrical Power and Energy
    7. General Description of Electrical Distribution System, Transformers, Service Panels (MDB, SDB) etc.

  2. Artificial Lighting System[8 hours]
    1. Introduction
    2. Terms Used in Lighting System
    3. Laws of Illumination
    4. Types of Lamps and Lighting Fixtures
    5. Types of Lighting Schemes
    6. Lighting System Consideration for different Occupancies
    7. Design of Lighting Schemes
    8. Methods of Lighting Calculation
    9. Factory Lighting , Street Lighting & Flood Lighting

  3. Safety and Protection in Electric System[8 hours]
    1. Introduction
    2. Operation and Construction of Fuses, MCB and MCCB
    3. Earthing for Electrical Equipments and Appliances
    4. Electric Shock Hazards
    5. Introduction to Lightening Arrestor

  4. Electrical Installation[6 hours]
    1. Introduction
    2. Types of Wiring System
    3. General Rules for Wiring System and Code of Practice
    4. Determination of Light sub-circuit, power sub-circuit & Total Load
    5. Determination of Size of Conductor
    6. Electrical Installation for Electrical Heating System, Air-conditoning System, lifts, escalators and pumps etc.
Practical (Internal Marks 25)
  1. Introduction to wiring accessories such as – switches, socket, distribution board etc , protective devices such as – fuse, MCB, MCCB etc their construction, function and application.
  2. Preparing Electrical Lay-out and details for commercial Complex or Apartment Building
  3. Conducting Market Study and Collecting, informative brochures and Specification on various product available about electrical lamp, appliances and equipments
  4. Application of above studies in preparing design and details in the design done in current terms. 
  1. Jain & Jain “ ABC of Electrical Engineering” Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company, New Delhi.
  2. J.B. Gupta “ Electrical Installation Estimating and Costing” S.K. Kataria & Sons, New Delhi
  3. G.L. Wadhwa “ Generation, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical  Energy”, New Age International (P) Limited, India
  4. Bhuvanesh A Oza, Nirmal Kumar C Nair, Rashesh P Mehta and Vijaya H Makwana, “ Power System Protection and Switchgear” Tata McGraw Hill Education (P) Limited, New Delhi
Evaluation Scheme:


Marks Distribution*
















*Note: There may be minor deviation in marks distribution.

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